About us

Belfood is the only private baby food manufacturer in Belarus.

The company was founded in 2015. Belfood has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to the Belarus baby food industry as well as a passion for quality and innovation. Young parents gave us their approval - our market share is now 10% in Belarus and we export 50% of sales.


Our production facility is located in the Vitebsk region in northern Belarus.

The region has a well established farming industry.

We source much of our supplies from local farmers.

Our products are fully GMO free. Belfood has received a number of quality certificates including ISO9001 and HACCP.

Belfood is also one of the few baby food producer in Eastern Europe with a Halal certificate.

Private Label

Belfood is the number one manufacturer of private label baby food products in Belarus. Our private label products are exported to the largest retail chains in CIS countries and Ukraine.

We provide the full range of services to our clients. This includes crafting unique recipes, designing the packaging and product line. Our quality control team assists clients select the right product range, craft new recipes and ensures all required quality standards are met.

Our marketing personnel can help clients design the right packaging and work out the optimal SKU range. Belfood’s close relationships with farmers and quality food suppliers enables us to offer full supply chain solutions.

Our partners

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